German Language Coaching

Private individual and small group German classes

How to learn German fast and easily?
Berlin Wall
Are you planning to go to Germany for work or studies?
Are you re-locating to a German-speaking country?
Do you want to learn German fast and efficiently?
My former students could successfully find a job in a German-speaking country, switch to German in their day-to-day life with their German-speaking partners, or find pleasure in reading German literature. I am happy to share my expertise with interested parties and hope to transmit my passion for learning new languages.
With more than 7 years experience in teaching German I will help you to achieve your goals:
  • Preparing for admission exams for German universities in specific fields
  • Job interviews
  • Work and life in Germany 
  • Getting acquainted with the German culture
  • Brush up your German
In my work I approach my students individually, depending on the students' background, the knowledge base they already have, study goals, learning mode and pace. Hence, I thoroughly prepare each lesson, according to the students' needs, enhancing their skills and working on filling in the gaps in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.
Though many people in Germany speak English, the official language is and remains German. Speaking German and understanding the German way of life will not only make your life in Germany easier, but will also open new opportunities for you.

I offer classes in person in Berlin and via Skype from any location.

Interview Coaching & Cover Letter Enhancement in English or German

I help you to brush up your interview skills efficiently and in a goal-oriented way.


I’ve worked for government agencies and private companies in Germany and abroad and have sat on the both sides as an interviewee and an interviewer.

An interview coaching session includes:

  • Goal setting, defining what is important.
  • Assessment of your strengths, personal and professional goals and how they do correspond with the job you are applying for.
  • Interview situation simulation.
  • Feedback on your language skills.
  • Simple exercises to practice at home.

Interview Coaching Fees:

Cover Letter + CV Enhancement:

  • Assessment of the requirements
  • Analysis of the structure of CV and Cover Letter
  • Elaboration of specific suggestions
  • Changes upon approval
  • Adaptation of the content of CV and/or Cover Letter
  • Linguistic enhancements
  • If required: Translation into German, Russian, English, French

CV and Cover Letter Enhancement Fees: