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Simultaneous Interpretation

Suitable for multilingual conferences, meetings, congresses, seminars, international summits etc.

The interpretation is carried out in real time.

Consecutive Interpretation

Suitable for negotiations, working lunches, dinner speeches, addresses, interviews.

The interpreter renders the content after the speaker has finished his segment.


Translation of documents, reports, articles etc. from German, French, English into Russian and from French, English, Russian into German. Other language combinations upon demand.

  • Are you having a meeting with foreign business partners?
  • Are you planning a multilingual conference and need a skilled language professional?
  • Should your business correspondence or documents be translated?

I can support you in any linguistic matters - spoken or written translation - to aid successful communication in Russian, German, French, and English.

Outside of my own language combinations, I have strong connections across the interpreting and translating industry and can bring in other experts as required.

German Russian Interpreter Hong Kong


About me:

I offer my diverse range of language experience to help your business expand and to connect you with a global audience. Being native in German and Russian and having lived in six countries, multilingual and multicultural environments are natural to me. 

As a qualified conference interpreter, I began my career working for the German Foreign Office. In 2015, I launched my business of freelance interpretation for clients such as governments, international organisations, NGOs, individuals, and private companies.

It is my passion to create effective communication.

Contact me to discuss your business' linguistic requirements.

Fields of Expertise

  • International Relations
  • Business
  • Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Labour Rights
  • 20th Century History
  • Telecommunication
  • Construction