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01. January 2018
Pros and cons of letting multilingual employees translate relevant documents, websites, letters, contracts, etc. Can you save costs on translation? In this article you will learn, what to consider before you assign any translation work to your employees or co-workers.

17. September 2017
One can compare a professional interpreter to a professional musician or an athlete. One has to constantly work on his or her skills in order to enhance the performance. Interpreter's skills go way beyond knowledge of two or more languages. A professional needs a broad general knowledge, stamina, stress resilience, a well-founded feel for cultural nuances, etc.

20. March 2017
Multilingual Hong Kong

18. March 2017
Did you know that the first official international conference using simultaneous interpretation mode was during the Main Nuremberg Trial 1945-1946? While consecutive interpretation is considered to be the second oldest profession in the world, the simultaneous interpretation only emerged in the 20th century. Great thanks to the Hong Kong Baptist University for organising the lecture by Jesús Baigorri-Jalón on the origins of the simultaneous interpretation "Interpreting at the Nuremberg Trial...