English to German Translation Rates 

General text translation:  0,22 EUR per source word

Technical translation: 0,25 EUR per source word


English to Russian Translation Rates 

General text translation:  0,22 EUR per source word

Technical translation: 0,25 EUR per source word


German to/from Russian Translation Rates 

General text translation:  0,22 EUR per source word

Technical translation: 0,25 EUR per source word



Editing German or Russian

Per page (approx. 1500 signs): 40 EUR




Urgent translation, under 24h delivery: +20%

Certified translation: +30%


Minimum fee for translation and editing: 40 EUR

Invoice can also be issued in USD or CHF.


German Coaching

Remote or local lesson: 60 EUR/hour

10 lessons: 400 EUR


Interpretation rates

Being able to offer you a broad range of interpretation services, I would like to first know your needs and requirements in order to make a customised offer. Basic rate for interpretation depends on the type of assignment and the interpretation mode (simultaneous, consecutive, whispering). Feel free to contact me to get a free quote. If possible, please indicate the language combination required (Russian, English, German, French, other), dates (to check availability), subject of the conference, approximate working hours, location.